Talking Strategy vs. Shooting General Numbers

What do you do when your boss calls and wants to know what you are working on or closing this month?  Is everything in your head?  Are you looking through notebooks to remember?  Can you remember every detail anyway?  We’ve all been there, shooting general statements right off the top of our mind, trying to remember dates, giving them general numbers, forgetting an account that we talked to 3 weeks ago, and not getting all the information right.  Besides staying focused on the “hot” deal you are closing this week, or a “hot” appointment set for next week.  What are you doing to stay organized and not let deals fall through the cracks?

A good CRM lets you keep track of dates, notes, and details for any opportunity you’re working on.  It gives you and your boss access to your sales funnel or pipeline; they don’t need to ask you what you are working on.  Just about the status of everything in your funnel.  It saves them time, it saves you time.  You can set up follow-up date views for all your accounts so nothing gets forgotten.  In this way, it can make your life more productive.  Wouldn’t you rather use the time talking with your boss about how they can help you close some deals, instead of what you are working on.  Check out eSalesTrack today, and see how it can help you.

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