Unclog your Sales Pipeline

At the center of Soleran’s company story is the desire to help every business have bottom line success.  What’s one of the easiest ways a business can have success in its bottom line?  Simply it is to sell more, quicker.  To sell more and quicker also brings with it more paperwork and more follow up support.  The increase of these details also increases complexity for the sales team which then clogs up the sales cycle pipeline.

Hence the birth of eSalesTrack, a sales tool created around simplifying tools used by the sales team. Details can be the giant hairball that slows down any great sales person.  With the goal of closing more deals and quicker it all boils down to two main strategies.  Get more deals in the pipeline, and shorten the length of your pipeline.  We all have limited time in our work days whether that is 24 hours or around 8 hours.  So to close more deals and shorten our pipeline let’s look at some sales principles that eSalesTrack was built around.

The first is closing more deals.  This brings with it many questions…

Which deals will close?

By when will they close?

What is the holdup that’s preventing them to close?

Are we even talking to the right decision makers?

One main tool in eSalesTrack is the Sales Funnel.  The Sales Funnel is a visual tool that can help us see at a glance the answer to a lot of these questions, leaving time to talk with the client and answer the rest.  Every time we talk with the client we want to focus how we can close this deal and how to shorten our pipeline.  So, eSalesTrack is built around reminding us of these questions.

What is the clients expected close date?
A: Just enter this date in the Sales Funnel.

What is the mutual next step?
A: Just make a quick task with a target date.

When is the next follow-up call?
A: Just make a quick appointment.

Who is the right decision maker?
A: Just enter that new contact.

Now in our dashboard we can see an updated Sales Funnel, calendar, and critical tasks.  Allowing even more time to focus on the next opportunity we can close today.  At Soleran, we built eSalesTrack to do just this unblock those clogs of the sales pipeline.

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