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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are the two of the most popular business systems, sharing some common features but differing in most. Many software developers have also managed to build systems which can perform as CRM and ERP systems at a time.

  • ERP systems are enterprise-oriented systems which improve co-ordination between different company departments, not just limited to sales and marketing, help to gather key enterprise data and manage these data in an unified database.
  • CRM systems are more customer-oriented which mainly improve co-ordination between sales and marketing departments, automate sales and marketing and customer service practices, enhances communication between sales persons, gather key information about customers and opportunities, and manage these information is a centralized database.
  • For most small businesses, where no great integration is required among financial, production and supply chain departments, CRM systems can the more than enough. Big business may need both, usually as separate systems.
  • It is the medium sized businesses, especially those operate from different localities; need an integration between CRM and ERP system. Web based systems are ideal as they offer greater mobility and limit in-house infrastructure requirements.
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