Take a Mini Lesson From Our Minivan…

The infamous journey

My wife (passenger): “Hon, do you remember how to get there?”

Me (driver): “Approximately.”

My wife: “Approximately?”

Me:  “Yes, Approximately. We’re getting close.”

Kids: (Screaming)

My wife: “How close?”

Me: “Close.  Just around the corner… I think.”

My wife: “You think?”

Me: “Yes. We’re getting close.”

Kids: (Screaming)

My wife:  “Maybe you should stop and ask directions.”

Me: “No. We’re getting close.”

My wife “You have no idea where it at.”

Me: “Yes I do… approximately.”

Kids: (Screaming)


Me: “Can’t. It takes too much time. Almost there.”

(10 minutes later)

Kids: (Screaming)

My wife: (Screaming)

Me: (Lost)

Take a mini lesson from our minivan, for any company looking to implement a CRM… Stop and ask for directions.  No matter which CRM you go with, it will save you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to pay for the set-up and training.  This is business. It’s not a trip to your Aunt Martha’s house.  You need to get to where you’re going…fast—for the sake of your company, employees, and customers.  You may save a few bucks by trying to “find your way through it”, but the pain and headache you’ll face will most likely outweigh any money you’ll save.  I promise.

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